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Safe Security, with its platform SAFE and its strong leadership team, is uniquely positioned to become a unicorn in the crowded cybersecurity market.
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Ex-Chairman & CEO, Cisco
CEO, JC2 Ventures
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At Safe Security - we know that every member of each team plays an important role in making us what we are. While the technology and research teams build the core products, we know that every single person works tirelessly to create a community that is enriched, growing and striving to perform their best.
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We encourage you to express, experience and enjoy. We believe in having a strong backbone to our organisation and work towards inclusivity. Entrepreneurial spirit, technical and intellectual curiosity, healthy competition and constructive criticism from anyone in the company is welcome and appreciated. Are you ready to be a part of the awesome team that makes all of this possible?

Our people

sonali jain - human resources leader of safe security
People want to come to work, do a good job, feel that they are making a difference, and they are recognised for their outstanding work, this is what we precisely do at Safe Security. We as a Human Resources team love to hire and build the absolute best teams - people who are passionate about their work, want to create magic and evolve with the latest technologies.
Sonali Jain
Lead, Human Resources
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