Third Party Vendors

Your Friendly Dark Web!

Re-Imagine Third Party Risk
Management with a 360 Degree
Approach that includes
Questionnaire-based assessments
Automated Outside-In assessments
SaaS Configuration assessments
End Point-based assessments
People-based Assessments

Almost 60% of the companies experience a data breach caused by a third-party

Current challenge - Budgetary and Resource constraints typically force companies to carry out third-party risk assessments of only the top 10-15% of their list of vendors. Spreadsheets and adhoc questionnaires fail as stopgap measures, resulting in outdated data, widened information gaps and, ultimately results in security breaches.

With SAFE, you can understand your third-party partners’ security flaws. It also enables you to contextualise and prioritize the risk information collected to allocate resources strategically and mitigate cyber risks.

SAFE’s 360 Degree 5 Vector Approach to Third Party Risk Management
Questionnaire-based Assessment
Accelerate your assessment process by using SAFE's powerful and inbuilt questionnaire tools. We understand that not every issue can be found with an automated scanning and despite the operational overhead, questionnaires are still the bedrock of any third-party risk management program.
Automated Outside-In Assessment
Continuously identify, monitor and assess your vendors' cybersecurity posture. Our platform identifies security issues across 8 security domains and provides instant and continuous visibility into the cyber health of your third-party vendors.
SaaS Configuration Based Assessment
Continuously detect configuration drifts and misconfigurations across various SaaS third-party platforms used in your organisation via API integrations that also gives a breach likelihood score per SaaS platform deployed in your environment.
End Point-based Assessment
Continuously monitor endpoints of your critical third-party vendors and contractors with our fully-integrated cloud platform. Generate dynamic security configuration reports for each laptop that connects to your environment.
People Based Assessment
Monitor the breach likelihood score dynamically of every employee of the third-party contractor by mandating a minimum “hygienic” cybersecurity training courses for them to pass, ensuring their mobile phones are not hacked, their passwords are not compromised, and they are not easy targets of phishing attacks.

How trustable are your third-party vendors?

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