One of SAFE’s 5 Vectors of Assessment

Cyber Consciousness

Quantifying the “Insider Threat”

While over 90% of attacks have a "people" element in it, less than 10% of security budgets and resources are allocated to digitally secure the “human aspect” of cybersecurity.

In the age of digital marketing where tailored advertisements are shown based on the “profile” of an individual, cybersecurity is still not personalized.

Phishing Campaigns and vanilla (read as boring) “computer based cybersecurity trainings” are more of a “compliance” tick in a box. This approach is not really capable of defending against new-age cyber attacks.

With SAFE Me, re-imagine your employees as the first line of defence in cybersecurity

SAFE Me is a mobile application-based personnel security monitoring platform which takes into account several dynamic security parameters from every employee of an organization and places them into its risk quantification engine to predict the likelihood of a breach via an employee, maliciously or accidentally.

When you show each employee their SAFE Score on their mobile phone, it makes cybersecurity a shared responsibility.

What do we factor in for the SAFE Score per Employee?

User Specific Control and Individual Flags
Organization level controls
Malicious Threat Accidental Threat People Information Phone Security Pre-recruitment Screening Controls Cyber Security Courses Cleared Attack Prevention Controls Accident Prevention Controls Attack Lateral Movement Controls Accidental Lateral Movement Controls Cyber Security Campaign Flags Exposure Data UEBA, DLP, and CASB Flags Employee Breach Probability [0-1] People SAFE Score [0-5] Malicious Threat Accidental Threat
People Information Malicious Threat Accidental Threat Phone Security Cyber Security Courses Cleared Accident Prevention Controls Accidental Lateral Movement Controls Cyber Security Campaign Flags Exposure Data Employee Breach Probability [0-1] People SAFE Score [0-5] Pre-recruitment Screening Controls Attack Prevention Controls Attack Lateral Movement Controls UEBA, DLP, and CASB Flags
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Why is SAFE Me one of its kind in the world?

SAFE Me Personalizes
the security risk posture and suggests tailored recommendations to every employee of the organization via its zero-permission interface.
The «People» Risk Scoring
integrates with the larger enterprise-wide SAFE Deployment and forms an important part of calculating the overall risk posture of the organization.
The mobile app
acts like the “antivirus” of the mobile phone which keeps a check on various security parameters of the phone.
The integrated
deep and dark web monitoring continuously scans for the individual’s exposed credentials and PII.
The rich nano-content library
has hundreds of cybersecurity awareness courses that allow the users to learn “on-the-go” Netflix-style.

How will SAFE Me work within your organization?

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download safe me app
Download the SAFE Me App
The zero-permission SAFE Me mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App store, or pushed through your MDM solution. All the employee has to do is install it on their smartphone and sign-up with their official email ID.
Mobile Phone Scan
The moment a user logs in, the mobile phone is scanned for its security controls such as secure connectivity, passcode protection, OS patch installation status, and jailbreak status among others.
deep and dark web monitoring
Deep & Dark Web Scan
It scans the deep and dark web to check for leaked credentials and personal information such as leaked financial information, contact details, taxID/SSN, answers to secret questions, DOB, phone, IP, notification of infected machine (i.e. malware, keyloggers) among other 100+ parameters.
cyber awareness course for employees
Cyber Awareness Courses
A rich library of cybersecurity courses and quizzes that improve cyber-awareness about various threats on the commonly used social media and enterprise applications, and suggests easy-to-follow steps to prevent them.
get your personalized cyber risk score
Get My Own Score
Every employee of your organization can see their own SAFE Scores on their mobile application and monitor their cybersecurity risk posture in real-time.
monitor insider cyber threat
Monitor Insider Threat
The administrator gets to see a dynamic dashboard which shows the SAFE Score per Employee. It can be further drilled down to what’s going well and what could be better, along with several other useful widgets.

How secure is the human element of your organization?

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A hand-crafted virtual concierge cybersecurity service to protect executives and their family in the cyberspace.
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