Cyber Security Products

One of SAFE’s 5 Vectors of Assessment

On an average, a Fortune 2000 CISO today uses 12 cybersecurity products in their environment. This means they have 12 dashboards to tell them what’s going wrong and no place to aggregate all of them. Most cybersecurity product purchases fail to justify an objective ROI.

A clear difference in the delta change of the cyber resilience of the organization from its “before” to “after” implementation state of the product is missing. There is also no industry standard to measure the quality of the implementation of cybersecurity products.

With SAFE, it’s time to consolidate all your cybersecurity products and their effectiveness into a single dashboard.

SAFE curates 35 categories of popular and most effective cybersecurity product categories and segregates them as “Must Have” and “Good to Have” Cybersecurity Products based on the industry, size and geography of your organization

It then scores the product category based on the quality of implementation of the product via APIs or a questionnaire.

How does the list of SAFE's recommended cybersecurity products get generated?

Data Mapping of 500+ Hacks
We have built an internal repository of over 500 hack's data and mapped it to industry, size and geographies around the world. This data was mapped to the cybersecurity products that could have potentially detected or mitigated the attack. These products are given higher weightage in the prioritization.
Data Mapping of Cyber Insurance Claim
We have collected publicly and privately available data from over 10 cyber insurance underwriting companies for their top risk areas based on demographics, as per the cyber insurance claim data for the last 5 years. The cybersecurity products are given due weightage as per this claim data.
Regulatory Compliance Mapping
We have a repository of 25+ cybersecurity compliances followed around the world as best practices or mandatory requirements depending on the geography, industry and size that a company belongs to. We have mapped these compliance controls to our cybersecurity product categories and given them higher weightage.
Consolidation of Data
We consolidate all this data with their respective weightage to arrive at the final output of what should be the list of cybersecurity products that are a “must have” and “good to have” depending on the geography, industry or size that your organization belongs to and will give the highest ROI in your environment.

Cybersecurity Assessment Method

SAFE has over 20 APIs to connect to various cybersecurity products and takes their input dynamically & on a daily basis to give them a score. These APIs connect to the products and takes two primary inputs
- They take the scan results to include it in the overall cybersecurity risk posture
- Wherever the product allows, it also checks the features in the product that are / are not enabled and accordingly gives a score to the cybersecurity product.
While we are rapidly expanding our API library to connect to more cybersecurity products, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the pace of the ever expanding cyber vendor universe. To augment the same, SAFE has created a comprehensive questionnaire for each of the 35+ cybersecurity categories. Answering this gives a score on how well your product is implemented in your environment.

What is the ROI of your cybersecurity product investments?

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