Calculate how likely your organisation is to get breached in the next twelve months

Accurately know the breach likelihood of your assets, employees, cybersecurity policies and products, Lines of Business (or Crown Jewels), first and even third parties with an enterprise-wide, objectively assessed and real-time score. Get your quantified digital business risk through SAFE within minutes of its deployment.

problem statement

Problem Statement

Absence of an enterprise-wide, objective, unified, and real time cyber risk platform which incorporates both the technical and business aspects of an organisation along with external threat intelligence to give a risk score and actionable insights.

Our Solution

SAFE measures the effectiveness and transparency of an organisation’s cyber risk management by integrating technical cybersecurity signals, external threat intelligence, and the business context of what and where are the "weakest links" across people, process, technology and third-party.

safe security - cyber risk quantification solution


real time cyber risk score
Real-time visibility into how likely (from 0 to 5) your organization is to get breached.
cyber security risk posture map
Map your as-is against your to-be cybersecurity risk posture, measure your progress & assess your status as compared to your counterparts.
quantify cyber risk with safe
Measure your micro ( Assets, employee, third parties), & macro (enterprise-wide, LoB, crown jewels) level risks
actionable insights to predict cyber breaches
Get prioritised actionable insights to reduce the likelihood of breach
business consequences
Estimate your business consequences.

Switch from Detecting to
Predicting Cyber Breaches