Overall Human Risk and Insider Threat Assessment

Assess the cybersecurity risk posture with breach likelihood through an employee. Even though humans are the cause of data breaches, 99% of the times, only 10-15% of the cybersecurity budget is diverted towards strengthening their behaviour!

problem statement

Problem Statement

Organisations lack the visibility on how prepared their employees are from a cyber risk point of view. Businesses continue to use traditional methods to measure Phishing effectiveness or Computer Based Trainings find it difficult to engage with employees continuously and improve their risk posture.

Our Solution

Re-engineer your employees cyber consciousness with continuous monitoring of their cyber security awareness, behavior, mobile devices, deep and dark web exposures and more. SAFE offers a mobile and web based application to engage with every employee making cybersecurity learning a customized & engaging experience, while assessing their readiness.

safe security - cyber security risk quantification solution


safe me apps on Google Play Store and App Store
A mobile first approach with SAFE Me apps on Android and iOS to make learning on the go/anytime-anywhere easy
cyber security awareness courses
Hundreds of micro-learning and engaging courses on the latest cybersecurity threats that are constantly updated as per cybersecurity trends and practices
We add layers of mobile device security configuration assessments and user’s dark web exposure to calculate an overall ‘risk score’ per employee.
human cyber risk score quantification
The employees’ scores roll up to the overall “People breach-likelihood” pillar of the overall risk score, it helps organizations identify weak links amongst their user base

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