Continuous Configuration Assessment

Continuous Security Configuration Assessment based on CIS Benchmark or as per organization’s hardening policies of your entire IT Infrastructure

Problem Statement

  • Most customers have hardening policies for their IT infrastructure based on well known standards such as CIS, STIG.
  • These policies are typically also part of the asset provisioning process, where the asset is put into production only after going through hardening.
  • Organizations often face challenges to ensure if
    • Hardening standards are sufficient to protect their assets from being compromised.
    • Assets continue to be in a hardened state (with no change over a period time due to an administrator’s actions)
  • Hardening policies prescribed at the time of configuration become outdated and do not go through a process of continuous updation.
  • Unable to get a view of overall configuration gaps at Asset Level, Vertical Level and across all of their technology stack

Our Solution

  • Continuous Configuration Assessment of IT infrastructure
  • Understand the most Critical, High, Medium gaps that decrease the probability of a cybersecurity breach
  • Overall and prioritised view of risk posture (e.g. based on business criticality across the entire IT infrastructure stack of Cloud Applications, Operating Systems, Networks, DB, and application level


Automated configuration assessment and breach likelihood score at Asset Level, Vertical Level and of overall technology level based on criticality of gaps, asset.
Custom Control Policies to customize configuration assessment as per as per hardening policies
Actionable Insights to get a prioritized view of assets and controls that needs to be remediated with the remediation guidelines.
Gaps Report to understand the Critical, High, Medium, Low gaps and overall remediation trend
Notifications and Reporting

Switch from Detecting to
Predicting Cyber Breaches