Make your Third-party environment cyber-strong with SAFE

Re-Imagine third-party risk management with a 360 degree deployment-less approach

Problem Statement

Budgetary constraints and labor intensive manual processes typically force companies to carry out 3rd party risk assessment of only the top 10-15% of their ‘riskiest’ list of vendors/third-parties. Spreadsheets, ad hoc questionnaires and outside-in assessment tools provide an incomplete picture of cybersecurity posture.

Our Solution

SAFE provides organisations the visibility into their third-parties cyber risk posture so that informed business decisions like vendor onboarding, M&A, sensitive data sharing etc. can be made. By following this 360 degree approach of third-party risk, organizations can reduce the likelihood of operational failures, data breaches, vendor bankruptcy, and more.


Outside-in: Instantly rate and non-intrusively monitor in real-time
Cloud and SaaS: Continuously detect configuration drifts across cloud computing
Endpoints: Generate dynamic security configuration reports for each laptop.
People: Mobile and Web App based assessment for each third-party contractor assessing technical, behavioral, awareness and exposure aspects

Switch from Detecting to
Predicting Cyber Breaches