SAFE Provides a Quantified Visibility into Tata Consumer Products’ Enterprise Risk Posture and Addresses Crucial CXO-level Concerns

“In the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape, industry threat parameters are getting extremely complex. Globally, enterprise security teams are facing new challenges on a daily basis.

SAFE plays a crucial role in addressing some of the biggest security threats faced by organizations. It plays a crucial role in identifying enterprise-wide security misconfigurations. We haven’t found any other platform in its entirety that has such a rock-solid risk score computation and unique positioning around providing a continuous, quantified view of enterprise risk posture.”
pawan satyawali
Pawan Satyawali
Vice President - IT, Security
Tata Consumer Products


Need for a comprehensive data-backed view of the cybersecurity posture
Need for an actionable execution plan to transform the organization’s cybersecurity posture to the recommended risk level
Lack of a quantified risk view to facilitate meaningful and impact-oriented boardroom discussions around measuring and addressing security risks.
With the cyberattacks at an all-time high, enterprises worldwide are grappling with the rapidly evolving threat environment in addition to an explosion of data, increased regulation, and skills shortage. Security leaders are on a constant lookout for an agile and proactive approach to security that keeps pace with rapidly evolving threats and opportunities.
“We needed a tool that helped us provide a comprehensive, real-time visibility into our organization’s security risk posture and let us revisit the controls deployed to defend against the emerging threats and possible onslaught”
Infrastructure & Operation Team
Tata Consumer Products
The infrastructure & operation team at Tata Consumer Products needed a fast, flexible and unified solution for a 360° visibility into their entire infrastructure that aided them in devising an impact-oriented actionable plan.

Additionally, addressing security challenges and associated business implications has now become a boardroom agenda worldwide. Board members are actively investing time and effort into discussing, reviewing, and planning cyber risks as the companies act make them personally liable for any breaches. At Tata Consumer Products, there was a clear need for a real-time, continuous, quantified view for the board showcasing how secure the organization was and how resilient was its hybrid technology stack.

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The infrastructure & operation team at Tata Consumer Products chose SAFE - an enterprise-class, unified, and real-time Cybersecurity and Digital Business Risk Quantification (CRQ) platform. SAFE offers a comprehensive solution and a unique assessment approach across five threat vectors concerning organizations, namely People, Policy, Technology, Cybersecurity Products, and Third-party.
“We had evaluated comparable platforms, but none that we found provided the level of transparency into the resiliency of our hybrid technology stack that SAFE provided. Additionally, SAFE helped outline a clear roadmap for remediation and strategize security efforts.”
Murali Parameswaran
Associate Director - Cyber Security,
Tata Consumer Products

A centralized dashboard to visualize, track, and enhance organization-wide cyber risk posture

“SAFE offers us a single console that facilitates harvesting of all intelligence around the risk posture and breach likelihood score for our enterprise’s crown jewels. This tool branches out and ensures coverage of a significant portion of our technology stack - be it our on-prem assets or our cloud-based solutions.

Through a continuous and quantified view of SAFE scores, SAFE helps us to visualize, track, and enhance the organization-wide cyber risk posture leading to clear enterprise-aligned actionable insights

SAFE covers most of our critical workloads. We have a roadmap and a theoretical plan in place for onboarding enterprise assets on the platform.”

Infrastructure & Operation Team,
Tata Consumer Products

A team that is ready to listen, act and improvise

“We don’t believe that enterprise security can ever be one-size-fits-all. Instead, one needs to take an agile, proactive approach to deal with security threats and opportunities. The SAFE team has been extremely flexible and open to incorporating our requests for product enhancements into the platform.

The team’s active engagement and readiness to resolve customer’s deep-rooted security challenges has ensured that the platform is now grown to be well-aligned to our cybersecurity risk management roadmap.”

Gunaseelan Subbaiyan,
Infrastructure Architect,
Tata Consumer Products

Addressing CXO-level security concerns

“SAFE has helped us overcome the constant struggle to objectively communicate and quantify Tata Consumer Products’ cybersecurity posture for the board-level executives. With its unique positioning around monitoring and reporting cyber risk posture at the enterprise or asset level, SAFE helps bolster confidence in our board members assuring them that enterprise-wide security efforts and investments are made in the right direction.”

“SAFE serves as a thermometer for our enterprise that gauges the breach likelihood of our organization and gives a comprehensive and clear picture to our board indicating how secure we are.”

Pawan Satyawali
Vice President - IT, Security
Tata Consumer Products

Tata Consumer Team’s Vision for SAFE: Strengthening Zero trust implementation with SAFE

“With the adoption of cloud and emerging technologies gaining pace, the enterprise perimeter is gradually fading away. This paves way for a new security approach embracing zero-trust; in other words, trust no one.

The way we envision cybersecurity risk management is that we narrow it down to implementing zero-trust at the user and device levels and at wherever the enterprise chooses to keep the data - be it on-prem or cloud. This way we are ensuring that every incoming connection within the modern digital environment is scrutinized with zero-trust. We envision SAFE to monitor and strengthen zero-trust implementation in an enterprise environment in times to come.”

About Tata Consumer Products

Tata Consumer Products unites the food and beverage interests of the Tata Group under one umbrella. Tata Consumer Products was formed when the consumer products business of Tata Chemicals Ltd. merged with Tata Global Beverages Ltd. in February 2020. They are amongst the Top 10 Food & Beverage companies in India with a vision to become a multi-category FMCG major.

The Beverages product portfolio spans tea, coffee, water and ready-to-drink beverages. The Foods product portfolio spans, salt, pulses, spices, ready-to-cook mixes, breakfast cereals, snacks and mini-meals.

Besides a combined reach of over 200 million households in India, Tata Consumer Products has a significant brand presence in over 40 countries. Some of its major brands include Tata Tea, Tetley, Tata Salt, Eight O’Clock Coffee and Tata Sampann as part of its portfolio.

No of Employees : 2200+

Industry: FMCG - Food and Beverage

Benefits of SAFE Enterprise

  • Risk Quantification through breach-likelihood (SAFE score) per asset across each vertical, per business unit
  • Asset categorization as per Business Criticality
  • Everything on one dashboard (single source of truth) accessible by team members across various locations
  • Addressing CXO-level security concerns with prioritized actionable insights

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