Unlocking 360° visibility for Royal Sundaram through a real-time quantified view of cyber risk posture of its technology stack through SAFE

“SAFE takes an innovative approach to enterprise-wide compliance and security risk posture management that enables my team to work efficiently and address threats that pose the greatest risk”
T M shyam sunder
T M Shyam Sunder
CIO, Royal Sundaram


Absence of a central dashboard capturing the enterprise-wide compliance status and breach likelihood of the organisation’s tech stack
Need for a common vernacular across levels of management to facilitate a data-driven & outcome-oriented security risk management discussion
The online space has witnessed an exponential increase in cyber attacks in recent years. Millions of people worldwide have had their personally identifiable information compromised in data breaches.
“Trust is the cornerstone for insurers. This holds applicable to both of these key entities: maintaining customer confidentiality and ensuring a transparent compliance. With the rising cyber-risks and adoption of emerging technologies, it becomes critical for insurance companies such as ours to get a real-time continual, trending view of how resilient is my enterprise tech stack.”
T M Shyam Sunder
CIO, Royal Sundaram
As witnessed in the case of many companies in the insurance industry, Shyam’s on-ground security teams were constantly swamped by volumes of security issues. This made it even more tedious to filter the signals from the noise.

Given the regulated environment of the insurance industry, he felt a pressing need for a solution that could continuously measure their enterprise-wide compliance status as compared to industry recognised compliance standards.

Continuous Compliance Management

“With the SAFE enterprise in place, my team can efficiently measure the enterprise compliance status real-time, note prevalent compliance requirements and address the that one that

fall short when compared with the industry-recognised regulatory and compliance standards and guidelines - All of these are now centralised with the help of SAFE.”

T M Shyam Sunder
CIO, Royal Sundaram

Consistent language for stakeholder communication

“SAFE has given us the language, one that harmonizes definitions of criticality, threat levels, breach likelihood, and compliance.

This has drastically improved cybersecurity communications.”

T M Shyam Sunder
CIO, Royal Sundaram

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