SAFE Helps Lifecell Adopt a Predictive, Proactive, and Preventive Approach to Manage Cybersecurity Risk in Real-Time

“In the face of the ever-evolving threat landscape and ransomware attacks, security is no longer static. One day, my environment might be safe, but it might not be so the next day. In these pressing times, SAFE has turned out to be a boon for technology leaders.

SAFE helps me measure and monitor my security posture daily in real-time. It serves as the one platform wherein all touchpoints of security (people, process, technology) are fed into. The platform’s ability to rapidly drill down and track the security loopholes and suggest a detailed remediation guideline is remarkable.”
John Paul,
Chief Digital Officer, Lifecell


Globally, enterprises are facing a growing wave of cyberattacks, and the problem has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, perpetrators range from individual players to organized threat groups deploying sophisticated attack techniques to carry out targeted cyber espionage operations.

“The healthcare industry has been a lucrative target for threat actors with cyberattacks on biotechnology and healthcare organizations further intensifying amidst the global pandemic. Biological data is heavily sought-after information in the underground marketplaces. Unlike credit cards or other personal information, one cannot alter one’s genome sequence. This makes biological information ~300x more valuable than personally identifiable information in the hacker community.” says John Paul, Chief Digital Officer, Lifecell

He adds, “Given the industry we are in, as a technology leader, my biggest security challenge has always been knowing exactly how safe our patient’s data is. With a vision to become the world’s largest stem cell solutions provider with the largest repository of lifesaving stem cell assets, it became critical for us to quantify the resilience of our enterprise risk posture. While I have undertaken extensive cyber security initiatives, a major challenge that came along with them was to gauge where we stand in terms of security. This was important because even a single security loophole if exploited by threat actors, could get our patient’s diagnostic data right into the hands of cybercriminals.”
lifecell case study
To combat his major security challenges, John brought in SAFE - an enterprise-class, unified, objective, and real-time Cybersecurity and Digital Business Risk Quantification platform. SAFE offers a comprehensive solution and a unique assessment approach across five threat vectors concerning organizations, namely People, Process, Policy, Technology, Cybersecurity Products, and Third-Party.

Moving beyond qualitative and point-in-time quarterly/annual audits to a real-time, trending, unified and quantified view of enterprise security posture with SAFE

“Prior to SAFE, we were completely reliant on quarterly/annual security audits to help us map and understand our enterprise security posture. While these audits helped identify potential gaps in security on enterprise networks and track the effectiveness of security strategies,

SAFE helps me achieve this and accomplish a lot more on a real-time basis. What’s more remarkable is that SAFE quantifies risk on a simple-to-understand zero-to-five scale at the macro-level (organization, department) as well as micro-level. (assets, vertical) The SAFE score is surely a compelling hook.”

John Paul,
Chief Digital Officer, Lifecell

SAFE’s rapid drill-down ability to identify security loopholes and provide remediation guidelines

“When you are embarking on a journey of transformation, SAFE guides you. It’s a tool that helps you get to the root of the problem and fix it if something happens. It’s a tool of prevention and prediction, and when something breaks, you can quickly zoom in to where the trouble is actually emanating from. As is widely followed in healthcare, in cybersecurity too, prevention is always better than cure. Being prepared always pays off.

SAFE aids us to practice proactive, preventive risk management rather than reactive firefighting approach to managing cyber security risks. So, as they say - better safe than sorry." “Not only will SAFE measure the security posture of the organization, but it will also tell you how to take yourself from score X to score Y, which is the ideal score based on your business context, and help in identifying where the gaps are.”

John Paul,
Chief Digital Officer, Lifecell

SAFE’s compliance module aids the team to design a robust roadmap ensuring all applicable policies are met with

“SAFE helps me measure the compliance status against notable standards relevant to the healthcare industry.

It helps highlight the compliance requirements that are missing in my organization when compared to healthcare industry-recognized regulatory and compliance standards and guidelines, and aids my team in creating and following through an actionable roadmap to meet these requirements.”

John Paul,
Chief Digital Officer, Lifecell

SAFE aids in cost reduction while maximizing business value

“SAFE has helped in cost optimisation

Without SAFE, we would have to deploy a team of IT resources and managers to manually measure the risk posture. SAFE has delivered tremendous business value. “

John Paul,
Chief Digital Officer, Lifecell

About Lifecell

Founded in 2004, LifeCell is India’s first and largest stem cell bank, with a customer base of more than 3,75,000+ parents who have chosen to store their children’s stem cells with the enterprise. In addition to its specialization in stem cell processing and banking services, the enterprise offers the country’s most comprehensive diagnostic program for mother & baby care, with its services spanning preconception, prenatal to newborn screening.

With a vision to promote health and wellness for future generations and increase life expectancy, it offers point-of-care stem cell therapy for orthopedic and vascular specialties as part of its service offering.

Lifecell has laboratories in Chennai & Gurgaon and a network spread over 200 service centers in the country & footprints in GCC countries.

Healthcare Services

Some key highlights about Lifecell:

  • 375k+ Cord Blood Units Preserved | ~60,000 cord blood units available for community access | 72 Cord Blood Units Retrieved For Transplantation | 1.5Mn+ Newborns and Pregnancies Screened | 130+ Cities Covered
  • First bank in Asia to receive AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) Accreditation for Cord Blood Banking
  • First bank outside the US to receive AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks) Accreditation for Placental Tissues
  • World’s Largest Inventory of Ready-to-Use Stem Cell Units of Indian Origin
  • India’s Largest Provider of Genetic Screening Tests for Newborns & Pregnancies
  • India’s Largest Provider of Placental Tissues for Wound Healing

Benefits of SAFE Enterprise

  • 01Risk Quantification through breach-likelihood score (SAFE score) for every asset across each vertical and business unit
  • 02Asset categorization according to Business Criticality
  • 03Robust Compliance Management
  • 04Aid in Cost Optimisation
  • 05Addressing CXO-level security concerns with prioritized actionable insights

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