February 14, 2021
Research And Threat Intel

SAFE Valentine's Day

Valentine is here and so are the people ready with their loved ones to celebrate this day. Gifts are being planned, flowers are chosen, and so the hackers and cybercriminals get prepared to take advantage of this excitement and attempt cyber frauds. These frauds can be identity theft, financial frauds, or frauds on dating websites. Around valentines, there is a great amount of movement on dating applications and websites and these cybercriminals are ready to take advantage of the people who are not careful enough while communicating or connecting with people on these platforms. Also, there are lots of gifting and phishing scams going on during this time.

Let’s take a look at 5 safety tips on valentine’s day to prevent such cyber frauds.

1. Be aware of e-greeting cards:

People these days can now send digital greeting cards with best wishes and surprises. But cybercriminals are always looking for such ways where they can send their malicious requests to either obtain financial benefits or harm devices for personal motives. Cybercriminals can send you greeting cards that may redirect you to a malicious website and compromise your personal and banking information leading to financial fraud. These greeting cards may ask you to download third-party software to get the card details or can contain malicious files that ones downloaded on your device can harm them or destroy device personal data. Only open a greeting card on its official website and do not continue with them if they redirect you to a new website or ask you to install third-party software.

2. Stay away from fake Valentine offers:

You may receive different offers on shopping websites for gifting products, especially around these times. But be aware of those offers from websites you never visited or never have shopping experience as they may advertise false information and lure people into financial frauds. Also, cybercriminals can send you fake offers which then can send you to a fake shopping website to retrieve your banking information and other personal details. To check if the offer is legitimate, go to the official website and then confirm if the offer really exists, and continue shopping for the product.

3. Beware of Fake Cake and Flower shops online:

Sending flowers to your valentine through online flower shops and ordering cakes to celebrate the day is frequent and this is where you have to check carefully if the website you place an order with is trusted. Check the reviews and opinions before choosing an online gifting platform. Also, beware of phishing scams luring people into ordering gifts from fake shopping websites and getting scammed during valentines.

4. Do not use personal information on Dating websites:

It should be understood that these dating platforms gave a darker side too where cybercriminals create fake dating profiles to send spam messages or connect with people to lure them into financial scams. Understanding these risks it is recommended to use disposable or a different email id to prevent receiving spam emails on your personal email address. Also do not expose your other personal details like name, address, and phone number as it increases the chances of targeted phishing and identity scams.

5. Ignore Spam Mails and Messages:

You may receive spam emails and messages claiming to either getting a match on a dating site or getting the best offers on valentine’s gifts. These mails can redirect you to a fake website that can then install malware on your device to harm them or can lure you into entering your bank account and personal details and then attempting financial frauds.