Importance of Software Updates and Security Patches | Safe Security

As we all know, we are already fed up of the daily updates being asked as we turn on our Systems (computers, mobiles, etc.). We are so taken from the beginning of the day struggling for a couple of minutes for ourselves only, so, Why should we even bother to get the necessary updates done?

Actually, the big question then arises, why the software companies can’t do it just once and for all? You just install the software, it's done, no further updates required.

“Necessity is the Mother of inventions” and at the same time, “Change is the only constant”. Softwares are just like humans, they do go corrupt with some bugs, viruses, or could be hacked by various means. So, What about those softwares that are termed as "anti-virus"? Right! Every medicine got its expiry date, and after a certain term of course such medicines should be changed or updates must be done, else the virus/loop -holes might get used to them.

Initially a software might work perfectly according to your needs for your systems, though as time flies, everything changes, and new technology arises from the great minds. Also you can create an antidote, only when you know what the disease really is. Hackers, or the dark-web controllers, find those bugs and try to penetrate the security of our systems as they are good at finding the loopholes in our softwares. We are also, so dependent on the softwares, that we store all our information in them as we trust that it's safe there. We deny to update is as per the requirements. As a result, boommmmm, your treasure is being hacked, used, and stolen by an unauthorised person, whom you might never be able to find at all.

Why are software updates necessary?

Just like a hacker, an ethical hacker, also does the same thing, though professionally, just to find the loopholes and thus, the technical team can work on those loopholes to prevent them from being exploited. “Adapt, Improvise and Overcome.”

You may have heard of the Equifax data breach, in which 143 million Americans were affected, with birth dates ,Social Security numbers and home addresses exposed. The hackers were able to access the credit reporting agency’s data through a known vulnerability in a web application. A fix for this security hole was actually available two months before the breach, but the company failed to update its software. This was one of the tough lesson, that we can all learn from. Software updates are important because they often include critical patches to security loopholes.

In addition to fixing these security issues, software updates also give latest features of the advanced technology, better compatibility, enhancement with different gadgets you are using at the same time. A great opportunity to save some money, by not going for a new system or software after your important information and data is lost, instead just a few minutes of your time when it is required can not only save your time, but also your efforts in recovering your stuff or restarting again from the beginning. It actually improvises the functionality of your complete operating system and application software along with keeping the protections enabled.

A Software Patch, which we basically remember as a software update, is a free or paid software download, or the application and has proven to fix the features which are not working as they should be, else adds up some software enhancements resolving the issue for a longer time.

Although they are typically small and free, software updates play important roles often related to solving or preventing a problem:

Patches protect against new-found security risks.

  1. They introduce new features in your software.
  2. Performance speed and battery depletion rate can be improved.
  3. They extend your equipment's useful life by allowing its maximum productivity.
  4. Updates fix software bugs.
  5. Functionality can be improved.

These updates are so important, they hold you up to get to know the advancements in the technology, which is improvising every now and then, and somehow, protecting you from all sorts of online threats.