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AI & ML Enabled SAFE Platform
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Industry Leading Cyber Security Services
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An innovative, cutting edge cyber solution from a startup while relying on the services and support capability of an established, matured partner
= three
An innovative, cutting edge cyber solution from a startup while relying on the services and support capability of an established, matured partner


When was the last time you got a premium on your security contract renewals?
For our partners
our partners
  • Create long-term stickiness with clients / customers
  • Enhance your security offerings portfolio
  • Supercharge your security services attach business
For their customers
  • Gain strategic visibility across hierarchies & functions
  • Elevate your Cybersecurity Engagements
  • Deliver Security Outcomes
When was the last time your work enabled a CISO to present to his board?

SAFE, our pioneering Cybersecurity and Digital Business Risk Quantification platform, determines a breach likelihood and helps an organization measure their cyber liabilities along with business continuity and its breach impact.

SAFE enables partners to supercharge their product and services revenue across Deployment, Integration, Maintenance, Project/Program, and Consulting engagements by providing a real-time measurement of their customers' cyber risk posture.

Partner Ecosystem

How strategic are you for your customers?
Technology Alliances
Offer the WHOLE SOLUTION to your Customers and Partners… Help them realise true Return on Investments on their cybersecurity investments
Consulting Firms
Strengthen your BOARDROOM IMPACT… Convert cybersecurity from a Globally Pervasive Threat to a Global Competitive Advantage for Business Leaders
Systems Integrator [Global, National, Regional, Boutique]
Deliver cybersecurity OUTCOMES… Help customers progress on their cyber maturity journey with confidence and accountability
Value Added Resellers
Integrate cybersecurity to your portfolio and upsell to your existing datacenter and networking clientele, increasing revenue and profitability
Managed Security Service Providers
Deliver marked precision with unprecedented COST OF OWNERSHIP and EFFICIENCY through your security aggregation platforms
Cybersecurity Professional Service Providers
Move your value from Reactive to Proactive, Effort to Outcomes, Assumptions to Artefacts, Technology Risk to Business Risk conversations

Partnership opportunity

The farther you see, the greater you monetize
point line 1 vector iconOnboarding the SAFE server
& technology stack review
point line 2 vector iconAsset onboarding
point line 3 vector iconIntegration with existing security tools
point line 4 vector iconAgent-based & Agent-less deployment and assessment
point line 5 vector iconCompletion of technology stack onboarding
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+1.66in 1W
SAFE go-live
circle vector iconTraining & enablement
faded circle vector iconPolicy formulation
concentric circle vector iconProject and Program
circle vector iconCompliance audit
concentric circle vector iconRemediation support
faded circle vector iconCustomization

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Partner Testimonials

At Value Point, we have setup a very strong Cyber Security Practice over the last decade covering Technology ( Endpoint, Network, Content and Cloud ) and Managed Security Services ( through Cyber Defence Centre based in Bangalore, India ). SAFE compliments our portfolio by bringing these together with the flavour of risk assessment covering people, process, technology and most importantly helps our customers to assess their cyber security posture to identify gaps and build a robust and resilient Cyber Security Framework to help sustain and grow business.
ashok prabhu - chief executive sales - value point
Ashok Prabhu, Chief Executive Sales, Value Point

Secure Network Solutions(SNS) has carved a niche by being one of the few Information Security focused Security Solution Providers in India. Since 2000, we have successfully secured 1200+ customers across industry verticals. With their pioneering Cyber Risk Assessment platform, Safe Security has added to our ability to help our customers. Real-Time Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is a key component in Enterprise Security - adding value to Integrated Security Systems deployed by enterprises in modern cybercecurity warfare.
mohan madwachar - director of sales and technology - SNS
Mohan Madwachar, Director of Sales & Strategy, SNS
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