Give yourself a FAIR chance with Safe

Get the benefits of CRQ — without the practical challenges

In 2004, FAIR addressed the challenge of uncertainty reduction in cybersecurity and has since gained the title of the world’s first cyber risk quantification framework. FAIR reasoned that despite the lack of empirical data, cyber risk can indeed be quantified and reported in a manner that does not have to be difficult to interpret.

Does that mean FAIR is enough to drive informed decisions?

Is FAIR great in theory but impractical to implement?

“Methods like FAIR lack practical implementation-level guidance for correctly scoping a FAIR analysis” - Forrester, January 2022

SAFE: Reap the benefits of FAIR without the challenges

Your business can leverage the power of the FAIR framework and make it more practical. You just need the addition of ONE missing link - SAFE.

Download now to explore THE solution to practical and proactive Cyber Risk Quantification - PLUS - learn all about measuring cyber risk direct from industry veteran, Douglas Hubbard, inventor of the Applied Information Economics method and author of “How To Measure Anything in Cybersecurity.”

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