Deal Registration

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Deal registration process for Partner Identified Opportunity

Partners can register their ‘SAFE Enterprise’ sales opportunities with Safe Security by providing the required details about the same in the
Deal Registration Form
In case Safe Security is already aware of the registered opportunity either by virtue of its own efforts or those of another partner, and the opportunity exists in SFDC, then the opportunity registered by the partner will be rejected. Before rejecting, Safe Security Channel or Sales representative will
(a) speak with the partner representative, explain to him/her that Safe Security is already aware of the opportunity, and request the partner to continue engaging with the customer on the opportunity
(b) send an email to the partner representative with the same message as above
(c) then reject the opportunity in SFDC. Upon rejection, an automated message to the same effect will also go to the partner
In case Safe Security is not already aware of the opportunity, then Safe Security representative will validate and qualify the opportunity within 72 hours based on the information provided by the partner in the deal registration form by speaking with the Customer Contact Person mentioned in the form. If needed, Safe Security representative will request the partner to arrange an in-person meeting with the customer to validate and qualify the opportunity. Upon validation and qualification, the opportunity will be accepted by Safe Security, and an automated message will be sent to the partner confirming the same.

Rules of Engagement

  • An accepted deal registration for a PIO is only a confirmation of Safe Security’ acknowledgment that the specific opportunity has been “Identified” by the partner.
  • By no means does it indicate or affirm - implicitly or explicitly - that Safe Security offers a commitment to the partner that the opportunity has been “locked” with the partner.
  • Safe Security confirms that - provided the partner stays fully engaged in the opportunity and facilitates the necessary customer engagement for Safe Security (meetings with all relevant stakeholders during the buying cycle) - the partner will be offered all the required support from Safe Security (including preferential pricing) to enable them to win the opportunity.
  • The End Customer's decision / choice of partner will be deemed as final.
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