The Cloud of Clouds Platform that Empowers Enterprises to Manage Cyber Risk

Learn how our customers measure and mitigate cyber risk in real-time through the
most advanced AI-data driven, automated solution.

What Customers Say About Us

“The SAFE platform provides us with a much easier onboarding experience and objectively showcases the risk of business-critical applications and assets. I think cyber risk quantification platforms like SAFE will soon become a must-have for security/business leaders and board members for publicly traded companies.”

Shaun Khalfan


“For the first time, I got a real time view of my apps processing and managing PHI data - helped me with our healthcare compliance requirements and manage cyber risks.”

Amir P.Desai


“SAFE is a crucial platform that provides a comprehensive 360 degree inside-out view of how secure an enterprise is. Very helpful is performing a quick third party assessment which is time saving and useful.”

“For the first time, we have an objective risk management for our franchises and owned stores”

Elias Oxendine IV


“Extraordinary Framework with Good Customer Support”

“Many boards are struggling on how to quantify their cyber risk, especially in wake of the upcoming SEC regulations. With this acquisition, SAFE is shaping the risk quantification and management market with a standards-based approach coupled with automation.”

Michael Montoya


“The fact that SAFE is now embedding the community adopted and trusted FAIR model into the SAFE platform with an engineering and automation first approach, coupled with generative AI, makes SAFE the absolute market leader in the cyber risk quantification market.”

Michael Montoya


“With the automation and AI capabilities that the Safe acquisition of RiskLens brings, customers will be able to efficiently scale CRQ like never before.”

Michael Meis


“For the first time, BT’s customers will get a real time view of their threat level with actions to defend through Safe.”

Philip Jansen


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